Help resolve health, relationship & emotional issues quicker than anything I know!

Tomorrows Health, starts with You and Me Today!

Would you like to be free of illness, physical or emotional pain?

Are there any "stuck" relationships in your life?


Wouldn't it be nice to let some of these issues go?

Relationship issues..

Anxiety.. Fears.. Panic attacks.. Phobias.. Public speaking.. Self confidence.. Stress.. Fear of flying..

Low Self Esteem/Self Love.. Anger.. resentment.. Allergies.. Bladder “infections” (cystitis)

High Blood pressure.. Candidiasis.. Chronic fatigue..

Depression.. Abuse.. Eating issues.. Guilt.. Shame IBS/Crohns Fibromyalgia.. Hay fever.. Headaches.

Menstrual issues.. Migraines.. Phobias.. Prostate issues Skin issues.. Period pain.. Water retention.

       If whatever is going on in your life is emotional or traumatic              then I can help you resolve it!

"Someday the medical profession will wake up and realise that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause or 85% of all illnesses

When they do EFT will be one of their primary healing tools... as it is for me"

Eric Robins...MD


"Bill is both scientific and incredibly intuitive in the way that he accesses information. Combine that with a Scottish sense of humour, passion in his work & natural confidence.

I love his deep understanding of both EFT/GNM

Its no wonder that I feel safe in his hands."

MJW Totnes, Devon. UK.


Are you ready to "decide now" to release your emotional pain and claim your freedom from any of these health issues using EFT/GNM               


To find the solution, first we have to find the cause!

Through using the awesome knowledge of Dr Hamers GNM, I am able to ask the right questions to find the cause.

There are also times when we keep "reacting" or getting re-triggered even at an unconscious level and EFT is a very effective method of "neutralising" those reactions to the body and mind.

Say you split up with your boyfriend and every time that you pass his place or any locations that hold emotional memories or connections for you, then every time you pass any of those places you could be getting re-triggered.

Maybe something in your home that is doing the same number  on you.

Nowadays, you don't even have to go there, you could get re-triggered just by social media through friends of friends or photographs posted on Facebook of your ex with his new lover having coffee outside your favourite cafe you used to share.

We all have these times in our life when we feel as though we've reached our threshold and lost our passion for life.

We know we're in emotional or physical pain, and can't find a way out.

I know, I've been there!

For many years I was searching for the door to find a way to release my own depression, chronic fatigue and addictions and dysfunctional relationship issues.

I so want to help you get out of your pain in the shortest possible time!

This is why I use EFT/GNM

I am passionate about the black and white science of "German New Medicine" to find the "root conflicts or traumas" that trigger the dis-ease process in motion in the first place.

Our body reacts to unexpected shocks both large and small & depending on how we "perceive" that circumstance determines what organ in the body will be affected.

The important thing for me as an experienced and knowledgeable Practitioner using energetic healing techniques like EFT, and the scientific knowledge of GNM, is to reassure my clients that all pain or illness is a process that was started with a "specific, unexpected conflict or trauma" and those "traumas" can be resolved gently.

Sometimes, even just understanding the cause can be enough for the body and mind to heal.


It is also important to me as a Practitioner that you feel safe, knowing where you are in the process while I am working with EFT/GNM as we are resolving the past conflicts that caused the physical/emotional pain or illness.

The interview video below with Srimati Wisdom "The Inner Wisdom Coach" will explain a bit more about how I can help you.

Maybe you are not familiar with the power of energy techniques, but I am sure that you have heard of acupuncture. EFT has been described by some as the emotional version of acupuncture.

We tap on the main acupuncture or acupressure points with our fingers while focusing on the issue that we want to work on.


What's the cost?

£60 per One hour session

You can pay safely through PayPal and there is no need to have a PayPal account to do so.

1 Hour  EFT/GNM Telephone session ...60 British pounds

(Note! Any telephone or Skype appointments must be paid for at least half an hour before the start of the session)

I make the calls to UK landlines so there is nothing else to pay for a telephone session.


Still not too sure?

Call or text me to arrange for a free 30 minute informal chat to see how I can help you ease any mental/emotional or physical pain.

Or help you release any relationship/stuck issues.

Near Totnes/Newton Abbot in Devon. UK?

Then we could work in person if you like.

Within a reasonable drive of the Totnes/Newton Abbot area?

 I can also visit you in your own home.


I also travel further afield for longer sessions and these could be from 3 hours to 4 days.   

Or you could come to Devon or Cornwall and stay at a friends retreat and I could visit you there.

A normal day in that case would be...

10am start, then 2 hour session - break for lunch - 90 minute session - break for tea/coffee - 90 minute session to finish the day.

If I travel to you, I stay overnight/s in a hotel and you pay the cost of the travel and the hotel.

We can discuss that option if that's more practical for you.

Call or text me (Bill Tucker) on...

07598 288 446

Here are a few quotes from some of the most knowledgeable teachers on the healing front in the world today...

Deepak Chopra MD... "EFT offers great healing benefits"

Candace Pert PhD ...(Author of Molecules of Emotion) " The Emotional healing techniques are at the forefront of the new healing movement".

Norman Shealy MD...(Author of Soul medicine) "By removing emotional trauma EFT helps heal physical symptoms too"

Cheryl Richardson...(Author of The unmistakeable touch of grace) "E-F-T is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st century"

Bruce Lipton PhD ...(Author of The biology of belief) EFT is a simple powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behaviour.

Donna Eden... (co author of The promise of energy psychology) "The emotional freedom technique is easy to learn, effective, and produces amazing results. I think it should be taught in elementary school".

Eric Robins MD... (co author of Your hands can heal you) "I frequently use the emotional freedom technique and Pranic Healing for my patients with great results".


Thank you so much for today Bill. The dentist went very well. You're a miracle worker!

Sandy M Exeter


I was given Bill's name by a friend and it was like I had been given a lifeline.

My issues were many, including conflict with family, divorce, worry, low self esteem and more.

Having EFT/GNM sessions with Bill gave me hope and understanding and clarity and peace

Bill is a remarkable and special human being with incredible insight and intuition.

It's like he gets into your head and reads you before you can read yourself! I felt like I had a guardian angel and fairy godmother all rolled into one!

I wish I could carry him around with me in my pocket so he would always be there to protect me

He has sincere humanity and I feel blessed by him.

Caroline Robinson Preston, Lancashire


"I think EFT/GNM is a fast track way to release issues unlike anything else I've used or studied, even though it seemed a strange concept at first for me to understand.

But I quickly realised that I actually didn't need to understand or even believe in it for it to work, but being me I read up on it and attended EFT groups which lead me onto further sessions.

From my personal experience I found that Bill's EFT/GNM helped relieve my back pain and in doing so also released old emotional issues that I've been able to move on from and enjoy my life even more

The "emotional freedom technique" has also given me a wonderful tool to deal with current problems.

Bill has an amazing wealth of in-depth knowledge on energetic healing and he knows just the right words to use, full of enthusiasm and professional with it

"I would recommend Bill's treatment to anyone wanting help with physical pain, emotional problems or just wanting to improve the quality of their life"

Jo...Isle of Man


Just to say that although I was skeptical about EFT/GNM at first, I've found that it works really well and I am more than pleased with the results!

Thank you Bill for the courses and treatments!

I.H. Isle of Man


"What a relief to be free of the anger and fear that was gnawing away at me and more importantly to heal the memories from the past that were causing me to feel that way. "I couldn't believe that I could heal such deep emotional pain and have fun at the same time"

Thank you Bill... Shelley...Perth WA


"Thank you so much for the other day Bill. It has done me the world of good if I am honest.

I just feel so relieved of all the tightness I had around me everyday, and I feel so much more relaxed

I don't know how you did it, but it worked :-)

I really couldn't see the day I would feel happier with the things around me, but I can now, and will never look back.

Everyone at work was saying how much more positive I looked too, which was motivational

Thank you so much again and good luck with the fantastic work.

You're a great man shining positivity around like a beacon of hope". All the best

And the EFT/GNM that you use, Rocks!

Anna C , Edinburgh, Scotland


My dental phobia just went, amazing!

Julie M Peel...Isle of Man


The power of both these healing modalities really has to be experienced in person, so that you can fully appreciate how free you feel, when you let go of your physical and emotional pain


What's the cost?

£60 per One hour session

You can pay safely through PayPal and there is no need to have a PayPal account to do so.

1 Hour Telephone session ...60 British pounds

(Note! Any telephone or Skype appointments must be paid for at least half an hour before the start of the session, otherwise there will be no session)


I make the calls to UK landlines so there is nothing else to pay for a telephone session.


Still not too sure?

Call or text me to arrange our free 30 minute informal chat to see how I can help you with EFT/GNM

Bill Tucker

07598 288 446

Office 7, Dainton Business Park,

Heathfield, Newton Abbot.


TQ12 6RG


Skype "billtucker"

Twitter "@HealPastTraumas"

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