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The sudden debilitating sense of fear of a Panic attack or anxiety can occur anywhere and at any time.

Health professionals are always talking about changing your negative thinking into positive thoughts and actions to ease feeling anxious.

Now while positive thinking has its place, it seems to me like a bit of a cover up.

It’s like the little boy whistling in the dark to keep his spirits up.

It is really important to deal with the anxious fear of what is coming at us/the fear of impending doom almost, in any shape or form.

Is there a fear of any negative outcome at work or in your relationship/family or maybe a health issue that you fear the worst.

Maybe there is a fear connected to your finances or of being found out, or of letting anyone down.

Even the fear of the letters coming through the letterbox.

Maybe it's a fear of verbal or physical attack.

A lot of anxiety and panic attacks do not appear to be rational and sometimes the reaction appears to be over the top under the circumstances and don't make any sense at the intellectual level.

The body doesn't always react in a rational way

The body will react by how we feel in the present circumstances/environment, and will cause a reaction depending on the past stimuli (circumstances/trauma) that are being re-triggered in the present time.

Have a look at the people in the picture that causes the anxiety, any past history with that person?

Does their look, tone of voice, authority or position or their behaviour remind you off anyone or situation from the past?

Look at the surroundings. Any past history there?

The sub conscious mind remembers every minute detail from every moment in your life, including the time/date/location/temperature/smells/taste/sound/visual.

But it also takes into account how you feel in that present moment in time, even thinking about doing a certain task or going to meet someone or be put in that situation that brings on the anxiety.

You could even get triggered in your dream state or by possessions around the home or fear of losing anything or anyone that is important to  you.

The body doesn't react without good reason.

People say, well if I knew the reason then I would resolve it, and that is why it can be so difficult on your own to find the root cause/s

My job when I am working with someone is to find the reason/s and to help them (using EFT in this case) resolve or at the very least, ease what is going on for them

Thoughts on soothing a fearful mind in a healing crisis. Bill Tucker & Srimati Wisdom

Anxiety and EFT

I would rather get to the root cause of the anxiety or negative thinking and heal the pain at source, rather than using up precious energy trying to blot out past and present anxiousness with positive thinking.

When you heal the pain that is underneath then there is no need to cover it up with positive thinking.

There is nothing wrong with choosing better feeling thoughts though, and writing a gratitude list every night for the good things in your life on a daily basis is a wonderful practice.

Soothing a fearful mind with Srimati Wisdom ... Part 2

Could EFT help ease Anxiety?

By going back to when the symptoms first started, and coming from a German New Medicine perspective, we will be looking for the "fear of attack from the front" conflicts or traumas that happened before the symptoms started.

This could be in the form of a physical attack or feeling threatened in some way or even the shock of a medical diagnosis where you felt alone and isolated, or the fear of a financial letter or similar coming through the door.

While Pranic Healing can clear away the congested energy in and around the body, so that the body has some breathing space to heal itself.

Self help measures

Most people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiousness tend to be shallow breathers

So at any time, you can start practising slower, deeper breathing from the stomach area rather than from higher up in the chest.

Breathing in through the nose, gently feeling your stomach going out as you breath in for a count of 3 or 4 seconds in (hold for a second or two) and breathing out through pursed lips in 3 or 4 seconds.

You can try it in front of a clock aiming for 6-10 breaths per minute.

Do this as often as you remember in the day, and feel how comforting it is to take control of your breathing again.

And most certainly do it at the first sign of feeling uncomfortable, for whatever reason.

Try the "Sedona method" words to help ease your anxiety in the moment

Remember, our pain is caused by resistance to how we feel, which causes blockages in our energy system, and this wonderful method acknowledges and eases the resistance that is causing us pain in the moment.

Ask yourself these questions...

1..Can I welcome in this feeling ...thought...memory etc....(welcome it in and feel it) (Answer yes or no, it matters not which one)

2..Could I let it go? ......(answer yes or no) makes no difference which one you choose, it still works the same.

3..Can I let it go?

Answer yes or no again....

4..When?..... answer has to be ..NOW! to this one.

Just keep repeating those 4 questions until the feeling or whatever it is has eased, or as usually happens, you just get bored doing it has gone :-)

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