Why EFT?

EFT works awesomely well for relationship issues!

How much time have you already wasted being sick or stuck in relationship pain?

Why should you put up with feeling less than?

When did you last feel free?

Or free to be yourself?

Let me help you get "your quality time" back using "energetic" EFT

So, how do our relationship issues affect our health?

OK you ask, what is this EFT and more importantly, how can it help me?

Emotional Freedom Technique" is "second to none" when it comes to "releasing emotional issues" and has been described as an emotional form of acupuncture.

Without the needles of course :-)

In this “Emotional Freedom Technique” we tap on the acupuncture points with our fingertips while focusing on our emotional or physical pain.

This releases the negative blocks in the energy meridians, giving physical or emotional relief (sometimes immediately).

"Just to say that although I was skeptical about EFT at first, I've found that it works really well and I am more than pleased with the results!

Thank you Bill for the courses and treatments"

"I.H. Isle of Man"

Apart from the actual physical tapping on the energy channels, or meridians, in the body, there is also an energetic connection going on at a much deeper universal level.

"EFT cuts through emotional pain better than anything I know"

It is very much a form of ” Natural Healing”, Or even "Spiritual Healing"

Gary Craig the originator of the "Emotional Freedom Technique" always makes the point that healing takes place” when we get out of the way” and let it work “through us” rather than “by us”.

Thank you for your awesome gift to humanity Gary

E-F-T can be used with a wide variety of emotional and physical illnesses

"When I first met Bill, I didn’t go with a specific problem, what that means is that I am lucky enough to be in fairly good health, but I was curious about how E-F-T could work for me.

Working with Bill has had a massive impact on my life.

He has helped me work through many childhood issues, some that I realised were impacting me and some that I didn’t.

He always works with total compassion.

I have never felt judged by Bill, always accepted and respected. A wonderful human being.

Bill has had tremendous success with a wide variety of emotional and physical illnesses, he specialises in serious diseases an area that many therapists are afraid to venture into.

Bill uses "German New Medicine" as a diagnostic tool. Whatever your problems might be, whether physical or emotional, or maybe you’re just curious as I was, then give him a call, you won’t be disappointed"

In fact I was so impressed with "Emotional Freedom Technique" that I went on to train in it myself and now confidently use it as one of my main therapies on the Isle of Man where I live.

Pam Ashcroft

Click on the video below to watch Gary Craig and Carol Look using "Emotional Freedom Technique" with Vietnam and Iraq War Veterans...

Click on the link below for more video clips on Veterans resolving PTSD with EFT

Clearing PTSD with EFT Videos Clips

How long does it take to work ?

Emotional Freedom Technique "can work wonders" on a "specific" present day physical or emotional issue, and emotional or physical relief can be experienced in one session.

But sometimes suppressed emotions are so intense, that even thinking or speaking about them causes emotional pain. On these occasions a few sessions may be needed to clear the underlying issue, or blockage in the energy system that’s causing your pain.

This is a perfect opportunity to work with the "awesome" power of EFT to help you get underneath the painful emotions that you have been carrying for so long and find the freedom that you deserve!

Bill Tucker has been described as...

"The Physical Detective of the Psyche"

"Bill is both scientific and incredibly intuitive in the way that he access information. Combine that with a Scottish sense of humour, passion in his work & natural confidence, it's no wonder that I feel safe in his hands"

MJW Totnes. Devon. UK

Are you ready to "decide now" to release your emotional pain and claim your freedom from any of the health issues below, and more ...

Anxiety...Fears...Phobias... Public speaking

...Self confidence...Stress

Physical Pain... Migraine... Addictions...Grief...

Fear of flying...Relationship issues...(in work or at home)...Children's issues.

Insomnia... Anger... Resentment... Emotional issues... Panic Attacks...Past trauma's...Abuse (in any way)...Eating Disorders... Shame...

Low self-esteem ...Diverticulitis... Period pain... Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc, etc, etc...

Even issues like loneliness and isolation can be eased using the "Emotional Freedom Technique"

As Gary Craig the founder of E-F-T...

(Who we are all indebted to)

Says ..

"Try it on everything"

What will it cost to relieve your pain?

What's the cost?

£60 per One hour session

(Note! Any telephone or Skype appointments must be paid for at least half an hour before the start of the session, otherwise there will be no session)

You can pay safely through PayPal and there is no need to have a PayPal account to do so.

1 Hour Telephone session ...60 British pounds

I make the calls to UK landlines so there is nothing else to pay for a telephone session.

Still not too sure?
Call or text me for a free 30 minute informal chat to see how I can help you

Near Totnes/Newton Abbot in Devon. UK?

Then we could work in person if you like.

Within a reasonable drive of the Totnes/Newton Abbot area?

 I can also visit you in your own home.


I also travel further afield for longer sessions and these could be from 3 hours to 4 days.   

Or you could come to Devon or Cornwall and stay at a friends retreat and I could visit you there.

A normal day in that case would be...

10am start, then 2 hour session - break for lunch - 90 minute session - break for tea/coffee - 90 minute session to finish the day.

If I travel to you, I stay overnight/s in a hotel and you pay the cost of the travel and the hotel.

We can discuss that option if that's more practical for you.

Call or text me (Bill Tucker) on...

07598 288 446

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