Fear can be crippling!
And the longer we resist it the bigger it seems to become.

Tomorrows Health starts with You and Me Today!

Whatever it is that you fear, whether it be...

the future, financial/health/relationship/change/abandonment/ failure ...

We can work together to find and release why you feel that way in the present.

You don't even have to remember the original cause of your issue at a conscious level.

At a practical level, always look for what you fear losing.

Is it the job or anything connected with your financial security or is it your health or are you waiting for a diagnosis from the hospital or indeed the all clear.

Maybe you are fearful of being overwhelmed by the current or future circumstances, or even because of someone elses behavior.

Whatever it is that is causing the fearful anxiety, the best place to start is  in easing how you feel about it rather than trying to push those feelings down.

I know you may say, well that won't make the problem go away, but believe me, anything that eases how you feel about where you are right now IS going to soften the situation as well.

Even other people that are part of the problem!

Are you ready to let go of the fear yet?

There is no need to suffer from anxiety, worry, panic, whether that's alone, or in a public setting.

Get in touch and we can gently begin to let go of your pain.

I'm sure you deserve to be free!

Let go a little...a little peace

Let go a lot...a lot of peace

Let go completely...complete peace :-)

Mike Kewley

Buddhist Meditation teacher

Isle of Man, UK

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Bill Tucker

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£60 per One hour session

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1 Hour Telephone session ...60 British pounds

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I can also travel further afield for longer sessions.

We can discuss that option if it is more practical for you.

You can also contact me by telephone on...

07598 288 446

Totnes. UK/Global

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