This healers journey

What are you all going to specialise in?.

That’s the question I was asked by one of the therapists' on the level 3 EFT course many, many years ago with EFT masters Maggie Adkins and Rohanna Webster in Adelaide, Australia.

What about you Bill?
What are you going to specialise in?

Trauma was the reply!

Why trauma was the question?

Because it is all trauma, some big and some small but it all adds up

And more importantly, I had personal first hand experience in Trauma in my own life

Nowadays I use German New Medicine which is the most awesome diagnostic tool for finding the root triggers of serious illnesses.

 Now there are times when a past trauma is best left alone or at most diminished, but when it's safe to do so, I use EFT or Matrix Reimprinting to remove the actual trauma or trauma's that set the illness in motion in the first place.

Tomorrows Health starts with You and Me Today!

Myself and Srimati Wisdom discussing the "German New Medicine" paradigm

Chronic fatigue

Many years before I had spent 6 years trying to find a cure for the chronic fatigue and depression that plagued me after I put the drink down for the last time.

Not to mention the physical, emotional, and spiritual wreck that I had become!

I had to let go of my own addictions to be able to help others

I had lived through many of the conditions that I would be working with, and more importantly...healed myself from all of them.

Now as far as the past addictions go,I am no fool, and am not aware of any addict that has gone back to using drugs or alcohol in a so called social way.

But 20 years or so further down the line I must be doing something right :-)

My emotional pain has gone

I have no thought or desire of using drugs or alcohol to get me out of any mental or emotional pain in the way that I used to.

Mainly because the pain is not there anymore, and if any circumstances or issues come up for me, then I have the tools to heal them at source..

As long as I am willing to do the work of course :-)

The journey that never ends

So initially at least, I wasn’t drawn to healing to help other people.

I had to go on my own journey first!

And a very interesting journey it has been!

If having lived a very interesting, though often painful life, makes me a more empathic practitioner.

Then wonderful :-)

If not, then it has all been in vain

Professional people that I respect

Now I know a lot of good professional people like hypnotherapists, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and the like who spend a lot of time studying at college to learn their craft so that they can help other people let go of their pain.

I have the greatest respect for all of them.

But... that wasn’t to be my journey

My studying took place alongside trying to find cures for myself!

I have spent many years working with adults with learning disabilities, autism and in mental health and I see some of the anxiety, fears and phobia's that could be eased when they open the doors to healing instead of relying solely on drugs.

 German New Medicine,
EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting

And the reason that I use "German New Medicine" as my main diagnostic tool.

Sometimes along with energy modalities like EFT,Matrix Re-imprinting when safe to do so, is because they are the most powerful healing modalities that I have found to date.


And what's more, they are also the gentlest.

Thank you to all the wonderful EFT Masters that I have trained with ...

 EFT Master Peter Graham in Perth Australia.
 EFT Master Carol Look from New York
 EFT Master Maggie Adkins from New South Wales Australia
 EFT Master Rehana Webster from Perth in Australia
 EFT Master and Matrix Re-imprinting Creator Karl Dawson. UK

Ted Wilmont EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner and trainer. UK

"German New Medicine"

Thank you also to Caroline Markolin, and Ilsedora Laker for sharing Dr Hamers awesome lifetimes work of GNM


I also learn from the top people in the world when it comes to trauma in childhood and how it affects human beings from the war veterans coming back with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to the people who have been abused in childhood whether that abuse be mental, emotional, or physical.

As well as the smaller traumas that still rob people of their quality of life on a daily basis, whether that be unresolved whiplash from a car accident or some other trauma's that won't clear up from a physical or emotional perspective.

I thank all these wonderfully talented and knowledgeable Doctors and many others around the world who lead the way in the understanding and the treatment of trauma today.

Dr Robert Scaer, Christine Courtois Phd, Allan Schore Phd, Stephen Porges Phd, Peter Levine Phd, Dr Mathew Friedman, Pat Ogden,Dr Diane Poole Heller, Mary Jo Barrett MSW

Pranic Healing

Mental and emotional pain caused through circumstances like grief, rejection, abandonment and the like, can be eased with Pranic Healing.

To see a fellow human being coming through the door in emotional pain, and leave a short while later more able to cope with their life is a wonderful sight.


 I have witnessed many many times, clients fears, anxiety, stress, and even physical pain being eased using EFT.

Gary Craig the founder of EFT says, "Try it on everything"

"By the way, understanding GNM, there are issues that I DON'T and WON'T try and clear up with EFT"

But here is a link to the movie "Try it on everything"  ...

Try It On Everything Documentary Film

Gary Craig also says...

"EFT often works when all else fails"

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