Is pain ruining your life?

Can I let you into a Secret?
Pain is the messenger

Don't shoot the messenger!
Not just yet anyway!

Now I know that nobody in their right mind would want to be in pain,  but our physical body is not capable of having those symptoms without a reason.

And all we want to do is remove it without finding out whatever caused it in the first place.

And of course we do, as there is nothing worse than being in pain, especially when we don't know the cause, how long it is going to last or indeed, how intense it will get.

But if we do need to suppress the symptoms through medication, there is a chance that it will come back again.

We confuse the heck out of the central nervous system when we take painkillers on a regular basis or at anytime but I totally understand the need to take them.

I really respect the courage of folks who stand an immense amount of pain or discomfort day after day after day, but it also makes me sad as I really feel that in the miracle of nature, and that includes the human body that we fight against almost daily and tell it that it is no good, when the truth is, it has all the answers

Our Bodies are always trying to Heal

Our body is always trying to reach homeostasis or balance.

Our bodies are ALWAYS! trying to heal, but because we can't see the answers or rely too much on the medical fraternity instead of taking responsibility for our own pain we end up pushing it deeper and deeper.

But I ask new clients if they had been checked out by their doctor to see if the pain that they are carrying is letting them know there is something seriously wrong that needs medical attention.

Any therapists that plays doctor is a fool!

Keep away from those types!

I wouldn't insult Doctors intelligence or their many years of training by ignoring what they say.

I view the body and mind as a whole

But for me as a therapist, I view the body, mind, spiritual, and the energy as a whole, and not as separate parts.

When any client comes to see me , with muscular type discomfort, (apart from obvious accident or misuse injuries) the first question I ask is what was going on in your life just before the pain started.

What changed circumstantial wise?

Sometimes even something good happens just before the pain comes on, and that could be a change in circumstances or even a change in attitude. As in a letting go of something or someone that you have been holding on to for a while. Even years!

You see, a shock/trauma/injustice/wrongdoing was caused by someone else a long time ago and when we heal that circumstance at any level, then the body can go into healing and then we can feel the pain.

That wrongdoing may be have been days, weeks, months or years before.

The body also holds on to how we "perceive" what happened to us, and this is the part that is unique to all human beings.

Generally speaking, there will be a "self-worth" component connected to the pain and sometimes it is when we get praised/feel safe/feel better about ourselves, that the physical discomfort starts.

Now we may even go back many years to find the root cause of the physical symptoms but there is always, always, always a reason, and when we honour that emotional stuff in the past and remove the root trigger with EFT or Matrix Reimprinting that the pain has no reason to hang around.

We haven't shot the messenger remember, we have gone back in time and removed the root trigger that caused it in the first place.

Accident Trauma

Even in accidents where there is physical damage and the x-rays show what has been broken there will always be trauma at an emotional level connected to that pain.

And in lots of cases energetically there is stuff that has been going on way before the accident happened.

Also, say you were in a car accident and suffered whiplash, then you would go to either a chiropractor or possibly someone who does Cranial Osteopathy, (and I can recommend a lovely chiropractor called Mary Philips on the Isle of Man) to get your neck and your spine straightened.

But what happens is that the emotional trauma of the accident is still in the memory of every cell of your body.

Bruce Lipton.. Cellular Biologist

Bruce Lipton the cellular biologist tells us that it's not actually in the cells but in the Matrix or energetic field that surrounds our body, but our cells have receptors that pick up all that information from the field.

Fight or Flight or Helpless

When something as traumatic as that happens then our sub conscious mind downloads all the information about the accident (no time and space) into the field to protect us from being totally overwhelmed.

When we are in fight or flight or in a helpless state the body goes into the freeze response and unless we finish the cycle of the freeze response then our bodies will continually be trying to complete that cycle so that we can feel safe again.

Dissociation occurs and this is where Matrix Reimprinting works so well as we work in the energy field that surrounds the body and have no need to bring the disassociated part back into the body to heal it.

So even if you get your body manipulated there will still be the trauma of the accident stored in the energy field that surrounds our bodies and which contains all the information of every second of our life and before.

Click on the link below to watch Dr Robert Scaer, a world renowned expert  on trauma who understands this subject matter better than anyone else that I know .

Robert Scaer MD On Brain State Technologies And Trauma 

Would feeling abandoned or pushed out cause the pain to be greater?

I can't see a valid reason why any sane person would want to stay in pain.

Though if someone is feeling alone/isolated/abandoned/feeling ousted/like a fish out of water/like a refugee/or feel that their existence is threatened in any way and that includes financial or even a divorce or being bullied at school. Or maybe there is a hospitalisation fear or diagnosis fear going on.

Any of those types of situations could cause the body to retain more water in the body and that will amplify any painful symptoms that are going on.

Maybe we fear losing people close to us and if they are taking care of us then they may stay around.

I would suggest that people try to keep an open mind as to what is going on at a causative level and be open to the possibilities that there may be a bigger picture going on here.

Pain is only the end of the line messenger remember.

Nothing starts at the end of the line and it can't be cured at the end of the line either!

Can we get back to the root trigger?

We have to go back and unravel the root trigger that started it in the first place and there may be many aspects to what started it in the first place but that is the job of the EFT or Matrix Practitioner to unravel that, all the client needs to do is turn up with an open mind, and a want to let go of their condition.

Maybe we are judgmental and self critical. Did you intentionally want to harm someone or yourself? Feeling guilty when your intentions were good means that you are plugged into a belief system that is haywire. It may have been started long ago by critical parents. Maybe you are still waiting for the punishment to follow as after all pain is the greatest form of punishment.

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra has a lovely saying ; Every cell in our body is eavesdropping on our thoughts.

But I will say again that this is at a level that is beyond our conscious awareness for it certainly doesn't make any sense whatsoever to suffering day after day.

More and more people are willing to take responsibility for their own health nowadays though and are looking for pain- management doctors and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting therapists can sometimes fit in here perfectly.

But I would go a step further and say, why manage something when you can remove the root trigger of what caused it in the first place.

Of course, there are never any guarantees in life or in healing but if we remove the cause then the discomfort has to at least lessen until we find the real root trigger.

And nothing does that easier or quicker or gentler than EFT and Matrix work in the hands of a good practitioner.

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