Are Negative Beliefs ruining your Life ?

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When we talk about negative beliefs I want to make it clear that we are not talking about any Buddhism beliefs, Catholic, Christian or any other religious ones.

The thoughts that we are concerned about here are the negative ones that don't serve us anymore (if they ever did)

We carry these dysfunctional thought patterns from early childhood onward, and we didn't necessarily ask for them.

They were dumped on us by sometimes well meaning parents (or not so well meaning) teachers, peers, or even other children or anyone else that we came into contact with in our formative years.

Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over in life?

Do you seem to attract the wrong sort of people in relationships over and over?

Do you go from one unsatisfactory job to another?

Can you never stick at anything?

Does your weight seem to yo yo no matter what you do?

Does money slip through your fingers?

Does your health always let you down?

If the answer is yes to any of those then you may have some negative thought patterns running your life.

We are but a sponge soaking up information from all our senses

From the moment that we are born, and even in the womb, we are constantly receiving a deluge of information from a multitude of sources.

Every cell in our body's soaking up this information through our senses and the young child is trying to make sense of it all, trying to keep themselves safe in a strange and sometimes seemingly alien world.

It has been said that for the first 7 years of our live we are just like a human sponge taking on the thoughts, perceptions and behaviours of those around us and starting to believe what we are told and shown.

This young lad called Bill Tucker certainly did :-)

Well if the truth be known our parents probably learned the very same thing from their parents and passed a lot of what they believed onto us.

I feel that the first part of life is taking on all this stuff, some of which serves us and some most certainly doesn't.

And then we spend the rest of our lives becoming people that we would sometimes rather not be, possibly ending up in circumstances that we would rather not be in and continually trying to make sense of it all, and having to spend part of our later life trying to dump the crud that was dumped on us from the past.

Who is running your life then?

Do you feel as though you have no control over your own life, no matter what you do?

Do you feel as if your life is being run by an on-board saboteur?

The good new is that there is a way to change this past conditioning

'Every cell in our body is eavesdropping on our thoughts'

 Deepak Chopra

So how can we change what
we believe ?

If you know what you believe in that doesn't serve you anymore, then that is wonderful and a great place to start, if you don't then we have to find out what they are.

An easy way to find out is to observe what beliefs you defend.

We have no need to defend something that is right for us for we don't really care what others think, but when we find ourselves defending our thoughts or our behaviour then that tells us that it may not be serving our best interests.

You can change those limiting beliefs using EFT

Deepak Chopra MD... "EFT offers great healing benefits"

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