Is your child finding it hard to fit in or belong?

Children love feeling more empowered using simple energy techniques like EFT

Is your child or children having problems relating to other kids.

Or family

Or feeling isolated or maybe getting picked on at school

Or maybe they are grieving for a lost family member

Is it fear over a change in the family circumstances

Or you've moved to a new area

Maybe it's night terrors or afraid of the dark

Maybe your child feels they have a separation or abandonment issue

Maybe they don't feel loved no matter how much love you show them

Or they are worrying over school reports or exams

Maybe they have lost their way a little bit and you are concerned that they may end up hanging out with the "wrong crowd"

Maybe they don't like a teacher at school or another pupil

Maybe they don't get along with another sibling in the way that you would like them to

Maybe they have taken on guilt and blame themselves over something that has happened in or out of the family

Maybe they worry too much

Or have eating issues

Or are they in physical pain without a reason

Whatever the reason there is no need to suffer.
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How young can we be affected by trauma and can babies be affected by trauma?

Watch this video below with myself Bill Tucker and Pam Ashcroft

Bill Tucker of "" coming from a "German New Medicine" perspective and as an EFT Practitioner with a deep understanding of trauma who is passionate about helping people understand and let go of past traumas in their life.

Bill is being interviewed on the Isle of Man by a wonderful EFT, NLP / Hypnotherapist and Hypnoband Practitioner, Pamela Ashcroft from ""

There is no reason for the rest of the family or friends to suffer because a child is in some form of pain.

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A heartwarming video by Dr Deborah Miller

Where she takes EFT "Tappy Bears" into the children's cancer ward in Mexico as part of the Oaxaca Project.

Watch the video below...

Children deserve to be free of pain!

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