Depression in Men and Women

Women are social

Men are territorial

And of course we perceive

what happens in our life very differently

and depression can happen for different reasons in men and women

Causes of Depression in Men and Women

The types of conflicts that cause Depression in women are

1.. A fear or shocking fear conflict

Your child runs across the road, or you fear being attacked by someone

2.. Anger conflict

Catching your husband in bed with another woman

3.. Boundary conflict

Someone is crossing over the line, stepping over the mark

4.. Loss type conflict

Losing anyone or anything  (or the fear of, is massive for human beings)

5a.. Any form of sexual conflict

Her partner cheats on her or she finds out that
her child is gay, or even being seen naked by someone when she doesn't want to

5b.. Any type of predator or pest type conflict

Someone coming on to her in an
unwanted way or following her home where she fears for her safety

6.. Any type of Identity conflict

If a girls was told she was not good enough,
pretty enough etc. when young, esp. compared to siblings etc

All of our conflicts are seen through OUR perception

Tracks and triggers can re-ignite the original conflicts, and after the
2nd conflict/trauma/unexpected shock that came out of the blue,
we then don’t need an unexpected shock to trigger the body or mind
to react again.

We could be triggered by the sound of someone’s voice (usually a male
or masculine female) or the look that someone gives us (usually a
female) but could of course be both at the same time

We could also be triggered by something on TV or a movie, music, a
memory, walking past a building connected to the original memory,
work, family, smells, or perceived fear or loss of something
(money/job/home/relationship etc.)

Male territory conflicts

1.. Fear/shocking fear.. Young boy witnessing his dad attack mother
or boy is beat up by dad or sibling etc.

Could also be the first
argument when he heard dad shouting at his mum etc. and felt
helpless for himself or his mum.

2.. Anger .. Another male is trying to invade his territory
3.. Boundary conflict .. Could be a dispute over a garden fence etc.
or a masculine person (male or female) at work muscling in.
4.. Loss of territory .. Fired from his job unexpectedly or someone
else is promoted in front of him unfairly


Do not resolve very old conflicts and do not resolve deep
territory conflicts in a man or a masculine woman if that conflict has been
going on for more than 9 months (as in not resolved)

Find a way to diminish such conflicts but do not  allow them to make up and forgive etc

Also be aware that in nature, initially at least, it would make sense that a territorial man could be kept out of danger temporarily, and depression is an "inactive" way to do that

But of course when we go in and out of the chronic depression, then we are more than likely being triggered

Suicide attempts

Suicide attempts occur when the depression is lifting from the right
(depressive/non-motivating) brain side to the left
(manic/motivating) side of the brain (temporal lobe)

Life seems good for the person and they go into an involuntary state
of mind (almost trance like) and commit suicide, or feel compelled to do so

Prozac, (especially in the early days) caused that to happen

Healers and energy workers

As a matter of urgency, cleanse and then energise the root/base
Chakra which is congested and depleted

The root chakra is “the will
to live” and when that closes, unfortunately that is when suicide
Also do the same with the Ajna Chakra (between the eyebrows)
which is closely connected to the solar plexus Chakra and both hold the negative thoughts and feelings along with the heart

And of
course, cleanse and energise them as well

You can save a life just by cleansing then energising these chakras to
get someone through the worst period until they are ready resolve
the conflicts

Be careful about trying to resolve the conflicts when they are in this
state though as you can put them in deeper

Use any form of therapy,
but do not go deep into the conflicts while someone is in this state