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Change Dysfunctional-Beliefs using EFT

Dysfunctional-beliefs don't serve us in any way shape or form.

And personally I don't see any need to spend a whole lot of time trying to analyse them.

Why would you want to understand something that you want to let go off?
That doesn't make any sense to me :-)

As Hale Dwoskin says in the "Sedona Method"
'When we need to understand something, then that means that we are not ready to let it go yet'

So are you ready to let those dysfunctional beliefs go?

Some would say, well they are not really dysfunctional-beliefs as that makes me feel like a failure, and please don't fret over this.

I am only talking about negative beliefs that are holding us back in some way that we would rather not have :-)

Are you ready to change these negative beliefs so that you can feel more peace in your life

Let's change those beliefs that don't serve us anymore using EFT

First of all, Here are the EFT Tapping Points

Now write down the dysfunctional-belief that you would like to work on.

Be specific with one belief at a time.

You can name the dysfunctional-belief any-time you are saying these words.

Say these words while tapping on karate chop point
(side of hand)

Even though I have this old dysfunctional-belief that doesn't serve me anymore, I accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though I've believed in this old dysfunctional-belief for many years, even though it's been causing me pain, I accept that I am grown up enough to take responsibility for letting this old belief go, and I honour myself for doing so

Even though I may be beating myself up for hanging on to this old belief for so long, I honour my awareness for recognising that I am carrying a belief that doesn't serve me any more, and for having the courage to let it go.

Then tap on these points with two fingers

Eyebrow...This old belief...

Side of eye...This painful belief...

Under eye...I've carried it long enough

Under nose...I can't believe I've defended this belief...

Chin... Even though it caused me pain

Collarbone...This old belief...

Under arm...It's been ruining my life

Top of head...I've had enough of this old belief...

Eyebrow...Maybe it will be a bit scary to let this belief go

Side of eye..But I'm grown up now, and can do what I want

Under eye...Maybe it would feel good to let it go

Under nose...It's only a belief after all

Chin...It would feel good to let this belief go

Collarbone...Its not really who I am, I'm a different person now

Under arm...I would love to be free of it

Inside of wrist...Thank you belief for being there for me

Top of head...Bye Bye belief, it's time to go

Keep tapping the side of the hand and take a deep breath, then do another round from the first eyebrow point.

Repeat twice a day for as long as you feel you want to.

Maybe even up to 4 weeks and I guarantee that those specific dysfunctional-beliefs that were holding you back will have gone.

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