Matrix-Reimprinting is a form of EFT healing that can remove traumatic past issues which may have resisted healing through conventional means.

These traumas may even have been thought of as too traumatic to work on in the past.

Based on the principles of quantum physics, this miracle healing works at the deepest level possible, using a form of energy psychology.

This treatment gently removes stubborn core issues that may have resided in the body for many years.

Maybe even back to the womb.

Here's what the founder EFT Master
Karl Dawson has to say about Matrix Reimprinting

As one of only 29 Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Masters worldwide, I've spent the last 10 years at the cutting-edge of the personal development movement.

I've trained over 2,000 people on my EFT training Courses to become EFT practitioners, developed my own specialist on EFT course for Serious Disease, and lectured on EFT all over the world.

In EFT it is recognized that to heal any condition we have to heal the mind and the body simultaneously and that most of the myriad of diseases that are part of our society all have their origins in life stresses, beliefs and traumas.

These techniques change your relationship to your past and dramatically transform your physical and emotional health in the present.

Matrix Reimprinting emerges

Inevitably, as I have spent time working with EFT so intensely, I have begun to develop my own variations on the original EFT protocol.

One such variation is producing results that are so far beyond the ordinary, that it has become the main focus of my attention.

I have named the technique Matrix Reimprinting.

Quantum Physics

To understand how Matrix-Reimprinting works, you will need a basic introduction to some of the modern theories of quantum physics.

What quantum physicists have helped us to understand is that we are all comprised of energy, and that we are all connected by a unified energy field.

This notion has been popularized more recently by films such as The Secret and What the Bleep do We Know?, and more and more people are coming to accept the understanding that this field exists.

This energy field was originally referred to as the 'Matrix' by Max Planck in 1944.

In more recent years Lynne McTaggart has referred to it simply as 'The Field,'

Greg Braden has talked of the 'Divine Matrix,' whilst Rupert Sheldrake has talked of 'Morphic Fields.'

The Field of the Matrix is All Around Us

This field or matrix is all around us, and connects us to our past.

This is because we hold our specific traumas and stressful life experiences in the matrix, and they influence our every thought pattern, behaviour and action.

To understand how this is so, we can draw on the findings of modern psychology in relation to trauma.

Any psychotherapist or psychologist can explain what happens in the body when a trauma takes place.

Part of us splits off or disassociates to protect us from the trauma, and this is why we often don't remember a traumatic event after it has taken place.

But where does this disassociated part go when it leaves us?

My experience over the last couple of years has led me to understand that it goes into the matrix.

Stressful Life Events Get Stuck in our Matrix

We hold in our fields, the stressful life events that have gone before, not just as memories but as specific energy bodies, which I have named Energy Consciousness Holograms or ECHOs.

With the Matrix Reimprinting technique we can work directly with these ECHOs, resolving the negative energetic charge around them.

This changes our relationship to our past, and affects our emotional and physical health in the present.

Benefits of Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix-Reimprinting is very gentle on clients

It quickly finds core issues, related trauma and beliefs

Locates pre-conscious trauma (pre 6 years) often beyond clients awareness and conscious memory

Sends a message to the body/cells/DNA the trauma is over

Matrix-Reimprinting rewrites the past

Naturally utilises the law of attraction in a very powerful way

Successful with non visual clients or who have difficulty with imagination

Matrix-Reimprinting Changes the Memory in the Field

By changing the memory in this way you are interacting with what you hold in your field, which in turn affects your health and well-being in your current reality.

The Matrix-Reimprinting produces

Astounding Results!

The results that I have seen with this technique are astounding beyond all measures.

And these results are being replicated by the many Matrix-reimprinting practitioners I have trained who have implemented this technique into their practice.

I truly believe we are standing on the precipice of a new healing paradigm by working in the matrix in this way.

I am extremely grateful to Gary Craig for creating EFT and for all that he has taught me.

I'm only just beginning to realize the true implications of the Matrix Reimprinting technique and the effects that it could have on transforming humanity.

Whats the cost to let go of your pain?

£60 per One hour session

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If I travel to you, I stay overnight/s in a hotel and you pay the cost of the travel and the hotel.

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Karl Dawson. EFT Master and Matrix Reimprinting Creator

EFT Master and Matrix Reimprinting Creator Karl Dawson

Gregg Braden says that...

Once something is joined, then it's always connected whether or not it is "physically" connected, it is still connected energetically and that means emotionally as well.

The divine Matrix is holographic, meaning that any portion of the field contains everything else in the field.

Past, present and future are intimately joined in the field of the Matrix

There is no time and space

So that means that every single thought, feeling, circumstance that ever happened still exists as energy in the field of the Matrix.

But the good news is that what we see or feel as a negative, can be changed or transmuted through healing in the field of the Matrix very gently using EFT with Matrix Reimprinting.

And that includes any deep traumas that we may have awareness or conscious memories about or not.